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  • Cyclone Proof
  • Fire Proof
  • Termite Proof
  • Australian Made

Force 10 Homes Steel Frame Residential Kit Homes

Due to the insurgence of natural disasters that have struck Australia in recent years, Force 10 has developed a range of affordable cyclone rated, fire rated, flood and termite proof residential homes. Our experience in dealing with unexpected disasters throughout the world has only reinforced our belief that family protection is paramount when building your home.

With over 30 years experience in the building industry, providing in excess of 3000 buildings in some of the worst hit areas of the world, Force 10 Homes are dedicated to providing Australians with the comfort knowing their family home is safe, strong and secure.

No longer should you have to settle for second best. Force 10 Steel Frame Homes can provide an affordable home that gives you all the standards that you expect with the satisfaction of a 11 year structural guarantee.

  • Cyclone Proof - Up 300 km per hour winds
  • Fire Proof - Force 10 homes meet BAL FZ rating
  • Termite Proof - All components are impervious to termites and white ants
  • Australian Made - All structural products are manufactured in our factory

Force 10 Homes provide a range of standard kit home designs suitable for families looking for a high quality, affordable and secure home. With a team of professional builders and contractors, Force 10 invites you to design your own custom floor plan with a highly competitive price, that represents true value for money. If you are looking to be an Owner Builder; an Owner Manager; or have the house partially or fully built, Force 10 can provide the expertise necessary to allow you to make the choices that are suitable to your needs.

Force 10 gives you superior confidence in your home with the ability to withstand damage from not only the outside but also from the inside. The unique structural design of Force 10 Steel Frame Homes mean protection against harsh Australian elements, minimising damage from floods, fire, cyclones and of course force 10 winds.

Protect your home, family and future with Force 10 Homes. For more information on Australia's best kept secret, contact our friendly team today on 1300 367 231.

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2 Storey Building Erected in 30 Hours

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Their criteria was that they needed to be able to utilise low skilled personnel and that the buildings had to be able to be erected very quickly.

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40 Bed Motel Built in 4 months

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Force 10 Achieve a Cyclone Rated House

A result of the recent cyclone conditions and flooding to devastate Queensland, a new focus has taken to rebuilding homes,  businesses and industries with the strength and prevention to withstand unexpected disasters.

Force 10 Homes is an Australian business dedicated to building homes that not only meet your design specifications and industry regulations, but also [...]

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Posted on Monday, 26th September 2011